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Kitchen Ceiling Beam & Trim

Reclaimed cedar wood was re-purposed, and wrapped existing ceiling beams with drop-lamp lights, much like a ship at sea. Bamboo thatch covers the ceiling.

The reclaimed cedar wood was sourced from client's batten boards. Largo Green Inc. (LG) removed batten boards from client's house exterior, then planed them with a large planing machine. LG then scraped the planed wood with wire brushes. to bring back the clean, rich-smelling, cedar core. Once the weathered grey color and surface debris were removed, LG wet the wood to be more soft and absorbent. Then LG stained the boards with a cedar stain, before sealing with a polyurethane clear final coat.

LG installed the cedar trim directly onto the bare ceiling beams, and added the cedar trim around the kitchen ceiling sheetrock. LG cut out holes to allow for the lighting features. All cedar pieces were angled together with 45 degree end cuts, both along the lengths and widths. This made for a solid install and tighter grip.

Kitchen Cedar Ceiling Beam & Trim