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Stone Fireplace, Wood Mantel

Client retained Largo Green, Inc. (LG) to install stacked stones on her new home's fireplace. The stones were primarily white and in small sections so LG had plenty of cuts and measurements to perform. LG expertly set up the layout by using squares, levels, & years of stone mason experience. LG alternated the stone sections so as not to build a repeating pattern, as client wanted a random natural look.

Brite-white, non-sanded, grout and white caulking were applied throughout the final configuration to close cracks, gas, or irregularities in the stone edges.

LG brought several trim styles to finish off the wall edges, making the transition from the former design to the new, smooth & seamless.

LG then installed the new mantel picked out by the client. LG installed the solid header boards and used very long, coated screws to anchor the headers to the wall studs. Once the mantel was installed over the header, LG used longer screws to secure the mantel to the header.

LG finished the job by painting the black metal of the fireplace trim, as well as, the stone borders, with black gloss paint. This gave the final project a handsome, slick, & bordered look.

In the end, client was overjoyed and fully embraced her new home's centerpiece. Please see the very last picture herein with client's appreciative review.

Stone Stacked Fireplace & New Mantel